Monday, May 3, 2010

Coming Attractions

Refocus is a new film series starting this spring/summer which will screen exciting new independent and international films in Toronto.

All screenings in the series will be free*.

Yes, there's an asterisk beside "free". It's a pretty painless one though.

*Audience members will be asked to "pay" for screenings by doing some of the following things:
-By writing about them on their blogs.
-By posting comments about the screenings and films on the Refocus blog.
-By donating money through the Refocus blog, directly to the filmmakers whose films you've seen at the series.
-By telling their friends about the films and Refocus. ... And not just those that they know like "independent film".
-By discussing the films with fellow audience members afterward.
-By Tweeting, Facebooking, and whatever else "the kids" do these days to disseminate information quickly.

More information later. For now, please follow @RefocusFilm on Twitter, join our mailing list, and tell as many people about us as possible! Thank you so much in advance.

If you have any questions, you can e-mail me at

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