Saturday, June 25, 2011

Spreading the Word

Hey guys,

So here's a sampling of the feedback and social media support we got for our screening of SEPTIEN, this month. Thanks so much to everyone who's helping to spread the word about both Refocus and SEPTIEN.

And here are our great reviews from Jason Anderson (Toronto Star), and Adam Nayman (The Grid). Thanks to them too!

I'm very grateful for all of the support guys. Writing about the films we screen is extremely helpful to both the films and the series, and I hope that eventually, EVERYONE who comes out to Refocus will support the idea of giving back in this way.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Refocus #5 - SEPTIEN

It's been a while, hasn't it? I'd even say it's been too long. What're you up to Thursday night? Want to get together, catch up a bit, and watch a movie together? I hope so!

I just got a sweet blu-ray of Michael Tully's new film, SEPTIEN, that I think would look great projected on the wall at Double Double Land. So should we say, 9 o'clock? It's the film's first time screening in Canada, and it was an official selection of both Sundance and SXSW film festivals.

Double Double Land is at 209 Augusta Ave, just down the lane. I'll tape a sign up on the door to remind you which door.

Same as always... no need to bring any money. These screenings aren't about cash dollars. Just promise you'll tell a bunch of your friends about the film and Refocus. Ya know?

Here's the trailer for SEPTIEN:

Hope to see you on Thursday,

Here's the Facebook event so that you can RSVP and invite anyone I've forgotten about.